ABC to become less Sydney-centric by moving to Western Sydney

ABC to become less Sydney-centric by moving to Western Sydney

Announced in 2020 as part of a "Five Year Plan the ABC committed to "reducing the concentration of facilities in Sydney" to "increase the distribution of ABC operations around the country".

Today they have made a big step towards the goal of being less Sydney-centric by opening a new office in Western Sydney. As described on Wikipedia, Parramatta is a satellite city of Sydney, Australia. ABC Chair Kim Williams says "ABC Parramatta will increase our presence in the nation’s fastest growing residential region, boosting the ABC’s effectiveness in Greater Western Sydney."

From the ABC press release:

“The relocation to western Sydney is a key part of the commitment outlined in the ABC’s Five-Year Plan to see 75% of content makers working outside its Ultimo head office by 2025.

The first broadcast from the new facility began today on ABC Radio Sydney, with the 8:30am Mornings show. "Two ground floor studios will open for use by ABC News and ABC Sydney teams" in the next few months.

Via TV Tonight:

$39.4m will be spent on the Parramatta base, of which $12.2m is fitout, and $23.6m in technology, funded through the sale of ABC property at Artarmon on Sydney’s north shore and by leasing out space in its Ultimo head office.

Gloss looks forward to hearing a less Sydney-centric perspective from the new Sydney facility.