New: Google’s router now supports IFTTT

Will turn off your lights when you leave the house

New: Google’s router now supports IFTTT

Google’s OnHub router isn’t in available in Australia yet, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t just get a geeky, cool patch.

IFTTT, or If This Then That, is now supported on the OnHub. But remember, it doesn’t have a microphone, so it’s not exactly Alexa now, is it?

Here are some examples of what it can now do:

Build a recipe that turns your Philips Hue wirelessly connected lightbulbs off when your phone disconnects from your OnHub network after leaving your apartment in a rush
Trigger IFTTT to send you an email when your child gets home from school and her phone connects to your home’s OnHub network — because helicopter parenting doesn’t need to be so hard!
Automatically prioritize Wi-Fi to your Chromecast when it connects to your OnHub network after you plug it in to start binge watching your favorite TV show, or to your Nest Cam when it senses motion or sound after you’ve exhausted yourself from said binge watching and passed-out on your couch