I just want more battery

The iPhone X still doesn’t have a great battery. The iPhone X still doesn’t have a great battery.

I just want more battery

Apple says the iPhone X features “the first OLED screen that rises to the standards of iPhone.” It has “some of the most sophisticated technology we’ve ever developed, including the cameras and sensors that enable Face ID”.

But the iPhone X still doesn’t have a great battery.

You can take a photo with creamy bokeh, play a game with the edge-to-edge screen, or “wirelessly” charge it with a wired charger that…doesn’t directly connect to the phone?

Yet the iPhone X still won’t easily survive a long-distance flight.

It lasts “up to 2 hours longer than iPhone 7”. Not 2 hours more than the 7 Plus, but the small, low-capacity 7. And despite the mumbling about the iPhone X serving as a ‘pro’ device in a market that’s generally been lead by single-stage generational leaps, with the iPhone X you still won’t be able to send any more emails, take any more calls or even watch any more video than you would on an iPhone 7. Two hours might as well be nothing in the grand scheme of things, with Apple likely to sell a form-destroying battery case that improves upon the one thing Apple won’t change.

Yep. The iPhone X still doesn’t have a great battery.

And frankly, especially considering the difficulty involved with trying to use the iPhone X with headphones while charging, the iPhone X isn’t even better than previous iPhone’s in terms of professional use. You can’t connect to a work Google Hangout while charging with headphones in. You can’t work from dusk til dawn without conscious conservation. And you can’t even enjoy the gappy ‘edge-to-edge’ display without thinking about the damn battery indicator constantly going down throughout a single day.

The fact that this $1800 phone can’t comfortably make it to day two, even with a fresh battery right out of the box, is increasingly becoming hard to swallow, especially as Apple continues to promote shallow Animoji’s over actually useful improvements.

I feel like Apple keynotes used to actually detail material differences in the use of a product. You know, like actual changes to your day to day. But who is genuinely asking for a flashy screen. And when the iPhone X is a year old, who will actually still be appreciating such a basic change.