iTunes links now work with product-specific subdomains

iTunes links now work with product-specific subdomains


When you share a song from Apple Music or any other iTunes-like Apple service, you’ll probably get a link that reads But that might be about to change.

I noticed a preview of this change a while back with links from Apple Music. If you replace the word itunes with music in the URL, as in, the link actually worked. But Apple had yet to use the links in their own sharing mechanisms, and there were also sometimes errors with images showing and HTTPS.

The Verge today noticed that also works now, and through trial and error I’ve seen that, and all now function properly. The Apple Podcasts pages also now let you listen to podcasts in the preview.

Funnily enough, as simple aliases for the iTunes subdomain, you can actually still access, for example, an app page via a link:

With word of Marzipan-powered media apps coming to the Mac for Apple Music, Podcasts, Books and TV, this probably also hints at the iTunes branding finally taking a backseat in Apple’s service lineup.

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