New: Mr Robot — Season 2

TV — Rami Malek returns with incredible style as Elliot, streaming on Presto tonight

New: Mr Robot — Season 2

TV — Mr Robot’s first season was close to perfect. Admittedly it was a bit awkward at times, yet it was just as well executed.

Season 2 could be another hit, or a miss. I’m worried that if they lean too far into corniness it could go to hell, and if they lean in the opposite direction it could become too self-serious. That’s a hard balance to pull off. Fingers crossed.

I’ll still be watching it when it comes out some time tonight, some place. If you live in Australia, that place should be Presto.

P.S. Unlike The Verge or any other Vox Media property, this is authentic coverage.

How much of The Verge’s Mr. Robot coverage is even real?
Have you heard? Mr Robot is back. It’s a good show.