New: Offscreen Mag Issue 20

Starts shipping tomorrow

New: Offscreen Mag Issue 20

I would personally still prefer a digital edition (even though it kinda defeats the point), but am still looking forward to the new issue of Offscreen Magazine.

Printed in a special brassy Pantone colour, issue 20 is filled to the brim with stimulating conversations urgently relevant to each of us working in tech. We think it’s one of the most thought-provoking issues yet. Also included, since it’s our twentieth (!) issue: we’re checking in with every interviewee from the past to find out what they’re up to. Issue 20 starts shipping tomorrow!

Includes interviews with:

Richard Pope
Ensuring a more open society in the digital age by putting power back in the hands of citizens and consumers.
Amber Case
The Calm Tech pioneer offers a more elegant, humane, and unobtrusive approach to designing technology.
Aza Raskin
Guarding the sanctity of the human mind: can we regain our attention and keep our grasp on what’s real?
Tricia Wang
Big Data needs Thick Data: an ethnographer’s call to fight quantification bias and make the unmeasurable visible.