Live updates: Samsung recalls the Note 7

October 11 2016, 11:00AM — Note 7 recalled

Live updates: Samsung recalls the Note 7
A Telstra Samsung Galaxy Note 7 booting up

October 11 2016, 11:00AM — The Note 7 has been recalled. Statement from Samsung:

Samsung will ask all carrier and retail partners globally to stop sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7 … Consumers with an original Galaxy Note 7 or replacement Galaxy Note 7 should power down and take advantage of the remedies available, including a refund at their place of purchase.

October 10 2016, 4:01PM – Statement from Samsung:

Samsung Electronics Australia is aware of a number of incidents involving replacement Galaxy Note7 smartphones.
Samsung is conducting a thorough investigation into this matter.
We continue to move quickly to investigate the reported cases to determine the cause and will provide an update as soon as possible.
Samsung Electronics Australia is working with its partners. We understand that telecommunications operators and retailers in Australia have paused the supply of replacement Galaxy Note7 smartphones in this country and are providing loan phones to concerned customers.
Samsung Electronics Australia would like to reassure our customers that we take this matter very seriously. We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate their patience as we work diligently through this process.

October 10 2016, 2:07PM — The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Samsung has stopped production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 temporarily.

October 10 2016, 1:49PM —A statement from Telstra:

We have temporarily paused shipping replacement Galaxy Note7 smartphones to our customers while Samsung investigates reported incidents in the U.S. We have asked Samsung to provide us with an update on their investigations as a matter of priority and will update our customers as soon as we learn more.
In the meantime we are helping customers with loan phones and for those who do not wish to wait for the exchange program a change-over to an alternative smartphone.

October 10 2016, 12:30AM — A statement from T-Mobile US:

While Samsung investigates multiple reports of issues, T-Mobile is suspending all sales of the new Note7 and exchanges for replacement Note7 devices.
Customers can still bring their recalled Note7 or the new replacement Note7, along with accessories they purchased from T-Mobile, to a T-Mobile store for a full refund and choose from any device in T-Mobile’s inventory. We’ll waive any restocking charges, and customers who purchased during pre-order can keep the free Netflix subscription and Gear Fit or SD card they received.
Customers should visit a T-Mobile retail store to begin the return process. For additional questions, customers can call our customer care line at 1–844–275–9309.
Again, we encourage customers to stop using and power down their recalled devices and return them to T-Mobile.
To help offset any additional costs our customers may have incurred throughout this process, anyone who returns their recalled Note7 will automatically receive a one-time $25 credit on their T-Mobile bill within two bill cycles

October 10 2016, 10:30AM — Following five Note 7 related incidents involving replacement devices Samsung are now reportedly pausing shipments of even replacement smartphones to Telstra. The Verge has published a memo sent to Telstra explaining the situation:

Please be advised of some updates to the Samsung Note 7 Global Exchange program.
Samsung has temporarily paused the supply of new Galaxy Note7 smartphones following a reported incident in a replacement phone in the US. Samsung is confident in the replacement Note7 and says they have no reason to believe it’s not safe. We’ll let you know the status of your replacement Note7 as soon as we have more information.
We have contacted impacted customers to advise them of the delay.

Samsung also released this statement to the public:

We are working diligently with authorities and third party experts and will share findings when we have completed the investigation. Even though there are a limited number of reports, we want to reassure customers that we are taking every report seriously. If we determine a product safety issue exists, Samsung will take immediate steps approved by the CPSC to resolve the situation.

At this point Samsung should 100% recall and halt all sales of the Note 7. The reputational damage has already been done, why make it worse?

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