Super Mario Wonder review — a future classic


Super Mario Wonder review — a future classic

Super Mario Bros. Wonder delivers a mesmerizing experience that captures the essence of classic Mario gameplay while injecting a burst of creativity that feels refreshingly new.

For anyone that played the New Super Mario Bros. Games, I think the feeling that these games left something in the table is strong. They were certainly fine, fun, games, but they never pushed the envelope of what a Mario game could be — they never asked “what if”.

Super Mario Wonder makes it its mission to ask this question, constantly trying to do what Nintendo of the last 10 years never would have done. What truly sets “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” apart is its knack for the unexpected. Each level holds surprises, whether it’s a hidden path, an unconventional power-up, a mind-bending puzzle or even a musical interlude. This unpredictability keeps the excitement alive throughout the adventure, ensuring every moment feels engaging and unpredictable.

Comparisons to the legendary “Super Mario World” are not made lightly, but “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” might just be its worthy successor. With its ingenious creativity, musical finesse, transformative gameplay, and constant surprises, it stands tall as a contender for one of the best Mario games in recent memory.

Give this one a go in co-op too. Ignoring Joy-Con driftiness, the game provides insane diversions from Wonder Seeds. These little collectables transform already creative levels into mushroom-fuelled originality. And chaotic multiplayer fun is helped by the super-chill Yoshi and Nabbit characters, which don’t take damage and make Mario Wonder a great time for everyone, and all ages.