Surely this is a cry for help from The Outline

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Surely this is a cry for help from The Outline

Day 2 at The Outline and the site is already reaching so hard in this truly awful piece it’s insane:

Trevor Noah is fake news
There are a lot of good things in life. Cup of coffee, going to sleep and never waking up. But there's truly nothing…

Here’s a portion of it from former Gawker author Leah Finnegan (pictured):

There are a lot of bad men in the world, and it’s interesting how many of them are comedians. One such man is Trevor Noah, who wrote the piece quoted above in The New York Times, which is about how America needs to unite and move past racism by “breaking bread” with racists in a post-Donald Trump world.
AhhhHH. Do you ever just scream into the wind?


In what may be the most significant false equivalency recorded since the election, Noah relates his experience of growing up biracial in apartheid-era South Africa to the current climate in America to underscore his main point, which is that “divided people are easier to rule.” Somewhere in Australia, J.M. Coetzee chews silently on a stalk of celery, anger burning in his eyes. Noah goes on to evoke how Nelson Mandela was able to bridge the chasm between races with thoughtful politique, inadvertently comparing one of history’s most genius politicians to Donald Trump. (Sidenote: The best way to tell if an op-ed is bad is if Nick Kristof praises it.)
Donald Trump, of course, is not Nelson Mandela. South Africa is not America. And Trevor Noah is not that smart.

As you can see, Leah Finnegan, former editor-in-chief of the Daily Texan and New York resident, is ultimately far more informed on racism than a person who literally lived in apartheid South Africa as a mixed race child whose mother was jailed and fined by the government of the time.

It’s interesting that in all the hubbub over “fake news,” we don’t do much examining of programs like The Daily Show, which literally describes itself as a “fake news program.” But it’s fake news for liberals, and fake news that hides behind the scrim of comedy, so it’s not seen as something as mendacious as fake news from the other side.

Unless you’re a white comedian talking about race in America (like Finnegan’s fave, Jon Stewart, also pictured), watch out! The Outline will find and destroy you. And for the love of God, if you’re not a white comedian do NOT mention Jon Stewart by name. He is Mr Stewart to you:

There are many brow-furrowing things about this piece, beyond the many casual references to “Jon” (Stewart, NOT Hamm).

Can’t wait to read more from The Outline :-)