Taylor Swift — …Ready For It?


Taylor Swift — …Ready For It?

I really liked ‘1989', but Taylor Swifts new album just sounds bad so far.

The first track off ‘Reputation’, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, felt like the beginning of a reality-show style capitalisation on tabloid beefs. It was a cynical but elementary attempt to be edgy and dark, which doesn’t totally work for a pop record.

To her credit, while it was a weird first single for a previously sugary pop icon, but it was definitely different.

Her second single, ‘…Ready For It?’ sadly feels less like a follow up and more like a warning that her new album is going to be boring and pathetically angsty.

A dated, poor-mans-Yeezus style backing track, with cliched high-hats, stands behind a rapping(?) Swift. She sounds totally out of her depth, and her previously authentic storytelling style comes across as awkward at best.

And then it just levels out into this basic, boring Swift pop chorus.

…Ready For It?’ goes both too far in parts and not far enough in others, which is disappointing.

Reputation’ is out in October.