Will Australia ban X?

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Will Australia ban X?

Elon Musk really wants Twitter (aka X) to be the new LiveLeak and Anthony Albanese isn’t having it.

After Australia’s Federal Court ordered X to remove video of the 2024 Wakeley church stabbing, moron X CEO Elon Musk called the request “censorship”.

And as has been the case so far for Elon Musk, normal rules haven’t applied to the billionaire. The app is still available on the Apple App Store, for example, despite displaying content that would get other apps banned. Tim Cook even met with Musk to diffuse tensions.

Talking on Channel Nine’s Today Show, as reported by Nine:

“[Elon Musk] is someone who is totally out of touch with the values that Australian families have,” [Albanese] said.
“He’s putting his ego and putting his dollars towards taking a court case for the right to put more violent content on that will cause distress to people who are on his platform.
“Other social media operators have accepted the decision of the eSafety commissioner.
“This is something that’s not a partisan issue here in Australia, everyone’s just strong on this.”


“Surely social media needs to have some element of social responsibility,” Albanese said.
“This is essentially a common sense position by the eSafety commissioner.”

It could result in a game of chicken between Musk and Australia. Would Australia potentially ban X if it continues to refuse to pay fines and display content that is against Australian law? Or will Australia give in to the billionaires demands.